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What Good Link Builders Do

It’s 2015 and link building is still an important part of SEO.

According to SEO blogs, it might seem like link building is an outdated fad. Critics argue that inbound hyperlinks are only a small determinant in search results and others rightly assert that Google’s search algorithm is complex enough to factor out worthless links.

These criticisms are certainly true, but only to an extent. If done correctly, a dedicated link builder can provide enormous ranking potential.

Link building has gotten much harder over the years. No longer can you get a boost from purchasing bulk low quality links or typing your site’s URL into the comment section of a popular website. These strategies may have worked a decade ago, but search engines have gotten much better at distinguishing the good links from the bad.

These antiquated link building strategies aren’t going to fly as Google’s search algorithm gets even more sophisticated. Finding the right person to build an inbound link portfolio will assuredly help your site climb to the first page – the trouble is in finding someone with those skills.

Link building itself isn’t a particularly difficult task. Anyone can build links, but only a few can build good links. What does it take to be a quality link builder? Learn More »

Starting a car with SEO (license plate)

SEO for Startups: Lethal Mistakes

Organic search is one of the best sources of inbound leads. Data from Search Engine Journal shows that SEO leads are about nine times more likely to convert and cost 61% less than outbound leads. SEO clearly provides a strong return on investment, which makes it ideal for startups with small budgets. The search engines are also one of the few mediums where startups can compete with large brands. Unfortunately, they will still face some challenges. As an entrepreneur, you should understand these pitfalls and the steps you will need to take to overcome them. Learn More »

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What I Learned From My First SEO Internship

Whenever I type something into Google, I expect the site to spit out relevant search results in less than a second. For every search you type in an input and Google gives you an output, but the entire process in between just seems like magic. And it is to an extent. After months of SEO experience, it still feels like Google uses Internet magic to filter millions of results at the push of a button. But at least now I understand that there’s a method to this madness and normal people can actually figure out how Google works. This is just as much technical as it is an art, and we call this art search engine optimization. Learn More »