Any serious business website should have a SEO strategy. A search engine friendly site can be understood by search engines. But, there is no substitute for a well-crafted plan that achieves your long term SEO objectives. How do you get one?

It starts with conversation about your business. Consulting, analyzing, and listening, we discover your needs first, then recommend a customized action plan. You'll work with:

  • An experienced Atlanta SEO consultant with a proven record of providing consistent results.
  • A professional who works with local Atlanta business and national brands.
  • A team that specializes in SEO and makes it work with other digital marketing channels.

Atlanta SEO Company

We do one thing really well: search engine optimization. We work with companies everywhere but love serving the local community with Atlanta SEO. Atlanta is special to us.

We're a growing Atlanta SEO company and have recently expanded our consulting services to local small businesses. Our clients average a 553% increase in organic search visits from our SEO consulting campaigns. We offer ongoing and one-time engagements to Atlanta and beyond.

Get "lift for the good guys!"

From Our SEO blog...
The Link Piggy Bank for Link Earnings

How Great Content Earns Links

While the SEO community laments the good ol’ days of easy link building, the new era of Google search results is undoubtedly better for the user experience. Yes, link building has gotten significantly harder, but this is actually a good thing if you look at the big picture.

Look at any SEO blog and you’ll probably find an article with a distinctly unoriginal title like “Link Building is Dead.” For one, I can’t believe the total lack of creativity that SEO bloggers have used to address the subject. Two, link building is certainly not dead – not even close. If Google could make links go away, they would, but they still need to use links when calculating quality. But we link builders need to change our approach. Learn More »

Sad Girl at Lemonade Stand

Why I Want to Help Local Small Businesses with SEO

One day we hired a local Atlanta small business to do a construction project in our home. The company did a good job. Great job I would say. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the quality of their work.

While there, the owner overheard that we are working with some of our Atlanta SEO clients. He asked us why his website never comes up in Google local search after paying this big SEO company every month. Learn More »

Sketch of Link Builder Fisherman with Bait

What Good Link Builders Do

It’s 2015 and link building is still an important part of SEO.

According to SEO blogs, it might seem like link building is an outdated fad. Critics argue that inbound hyperlinks are only a small determinant in search results and others rightly assert that Google’s search algorithm is complex enough to factor out worthless links. Learn More »