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10 of the Most Insane Matt Cutts Link Bait Attempts

I heard Matt Cutts is on vacation, so let’s have some fun!

As the head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts remains the most talked-about and pandered to authority on Google’s search engine algorithm. The SEO community gives fanatical attention to everything Cutts says. Over 3600 searches are conducted for him every month – that’s about half of the number of searches for Barrack Obama. Learn More »

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Proving SEO Is Worth It

You’ll get two things here: how to measure SEO ROI for a fictitious new business and download our ROI calculator Excel spreadsheet to use for your own business.

Most businesses realize that the Internet is a very effective medium to reach their target consumers. Nearly 90% of small businesses are investing money in their online marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most valuable digital marketing means available. Learn More »

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What Content Really Gets Shared On BuzzFeed?

Why do certain content pieces go viral and get large numbers of shares and citations while others barely get a few? The headline is one of the most important factors. A title that is thought-provoking, original and intriguing is much more likely to entice readers to click and share it. Creating a viral post that gains shares and earns enduring SEO value is a trophy among content marketers. Learn More »